On Wednesday November 10 at 7.30 pm a special Mass for all our deceased family and friends from Ballinascreen and Desertmartin will be broadcast from Holy Rosary Church. This Mass will ONLY be available on Ballinascreen Parish webcam, as it simply would not be possible to facilitate the huge numbers who would wish to attend.

At this Mass the names of all who have died, were waked or buried in Ballinascreen and Desertmartin since All Souls’ Day 2020 will be read out.

All who have been enrolled in our Online Book of Remembrance will be prayed for at this Mass also.


The parish online Book of Remembrance, for all who have died since this time last year, will be open during the month of November. Names of deceased loved ones who have died since November 2020 may now be added to this online book. Parishioners from Ballinascreen or Desertmartin who wish to have the name of their recently departed loved one added to this online book are invited to please email the name to:

This online Book of Remembrance will be regularly updated during November and will be available to view on the Ballinascreen Parish website.

If you submitted name(s) of deceased loved ones last year please do NOT resubmit these names again as their names are already in the Book of Remembrance. All names in this online book, including those names submitted last year, will be remembered at the special Annual Mass for Deceased on 10 November.



A short booklet for families has been created to highlight the month of November as a time to remember and pray for our dearly departed. It also has information about a remembrance event at Knock Shrine. We hope it may bring comfort, solace and the light of Christ to many people during November. This booklet may be of particular interest to families and those who are housebound. This booklet and other appropriate resources may be downloaded from Derry Diocesan website:



Since Monday 12 April, regulations on the number of people attending weddings, funerals and baptisms have been relaxed, so the following arrangements are now in place in Ballinascreen and Desertmartin parishes. All churches have been risked assessed and the number of places determined for each church is as follows:


Holy Rosary: 100

St Columbna’s Straw: 100

St Eugene’s Moneyneena: 100

St Patrick’s Sixtowns: 50

St Mary’s Coolcalm: 60

St Patrick’s Keenaught: 100

These numbers do not include priests, sacristans, or musicians as they have already designated places.


While extra places are now available, we ask that families be mindful of those who are vulnerable, even if they have been vaccinated. Social distancing and hand sanitising are necessary requirements inside the church but a lack of social distancing outside the church and elsewhere is a potential danger that should not be lightly ignored. Many outbreaks of Covid 19 have occurred when large numbers have gathered in homes and other places where the protocols have not been followed.

Track and trace is obligatory at all weddings, funerals and baptisms. Families will be provided with a template on which all names and contact details of those attending a wedding, funeral or baptism must be recorded and once completed returned to the relevant Parish Office.



As well as providing a Track and Trace contact sheet, couples will receive a plan of the church where their wedding will take place so that they can prepare their own church seating plan. This plan will then assist the church stewards to direct guests to their designated seats as they arrive. The plan must be received by the Parish Office three days before the date of the wedding. For the distribution of Holy Communion, guests will be asked to stand in their place and the priest or Eucharistic Minister will distribute Holy Communion to them. Masks must be worn by all attending the wedding. The bridal party, with the exception of the bride and groom, must wear masks when they are in their place.



Unlike a wedding where there is plenty of time to prepare a church seating plan, families will receive specially printed admittance cards and families may distribute these cards as they wish. These cards MUST be shown at the door of the church to one of the stewards. Please do not ask to be admitted into the church if you have not been given one of these cards. Families are requested to adhere to social distancing inside the church, and so sit in their ‘bubbles’ of two, three or more. Occasionally, stewards may have to respectfully request mourners to move to another seat to ensure proper social distancing is maintained. For the distribution of Holy Communion, mourners will be asked to stand in their place and the priest or Eucharistic Minister will distribute Holy Communion to them.

Face masks must be worn by everyone. A track and trace contact sheet must be completed the day before the funeral.



Though it is likely that numbers attending baptisms will be small, a track and trace contact sheet must be completed by the day before the baptism and all attending must wear a mask. Please be in the church well before the time the ceremony is due to begin.

Thank you for your cooperation.

17 April 2021