Ballinascreen & Desertmartin Parishes

Booking Instructions For Palm Sunday, Holy Week & Easter Sunday

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, we must restrict the numbers attending Mass and the Holy Week Ceremonies in each of our churches.  The wellbeing of our parishioners is of paramount importance and to ensure this, a maximum number has been calculated for each church, which enables social distancing to be maintained. Please note that there is no obligation to attend Mass this Easter. 

Please do not book or attend any of the Masses / Ceromonies if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

An individual seat will be reserved for Eucharistic Ministers, Readers and Stewards

so please DO NOT book a seat through the booking system. Thank you.

  1. Please check the booking list below for the times and locations of all Masses / Ceremonies for Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter Sunday.  You may book for more than one Mass / Ceremony, however if you book a Saturday Vigil Mass please do not book a Sunday Mass and vice versa.

  2. These Masses / Ceremonies MUST be booked using the booking system which will commence at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 24 March. A link to the booking page will be placed on the front page of the Ballinascreen and Desertmartin websites at that time.  When booking please select from your own parish.  

  3. You may only book for ONE family, up to a maximum of 6 people.  ALL that you book for must be part of the same 'bubble' so that they can be seated together. A valid email address and contact number MUST be provided. 

  4. Bring your ticket(s) either in print or digital form with you to the Mass / Ceremony

  5. If you cancel all or part of your booking you MUST email ASAP.

  6. If  unable to secure a place you may follow the Mass / Ceremony from Holy Rosary or St Mary's, Coolcalm via their webcam. 

  7. Holy Communion will be distributed at the doors of all churches, once the congregation has dispersed.

  8. A face covering MUST be worn unless you are medically exempt.

  9. Social distancing MUST be observed on the way in and out.

  10. You MUST follow the instructions of the stewards and sit in your allocated seat.


Ballinascreen Webcam Link:

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